Sunday, 8 October 2017

Giving more Character to the Artist's Private Quarters.

Hello everyone,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that you are all well. Today I have so much to share with you. I have been quite busy with my miniature work lately, but I always try to find some time to enjoy my own miniature passion. Sometimes it's more than usual and sometimes it's much less.  Either way I wouldn't miss it for the world. It's seems like I can't get enough from this project.  I have really put my heart and soul in it. 

The Artist's Private Quarters
 I am really enjoying decorating this room. There is so much to add and so much to do. I guess decorating this room you can actually have a clear picture of the artist's character and of what he likes. 

The first thing that I did was to change the decor on the mantel piece. I think it was too much for the room and I wanted something a bit more simpler. The tiny Ballerina was a tiny charm that I got to change and also paint. 

I wanted to add a little detail to the bed area. So far I have added a painting on top of Mr. Rookie's bed and added a photo frame and one of his favorite books. There is a good chance that I will be changing the curtains of the room.

The next thing to add was the Artist's table and stool. I have enjoyed building it and making it's accessories. It took me a while to finish it but at the end it's always worth it. Eventually I'm hoping to add some sort of unfinished painting on the empty easel unless it will be too much for the room. 

I added a chair in the middle of the room with a tiny doll. Don't ask me, "Why a doll??!!" Maybe the artist has a passion for pretty fine dolls or it belongs to a loved one.  The tiny doll was commissioned for me by the lovely doll maker Beverly Senatore. Once again Beverly has made a fantastic job on such a tiny doll. Pictures don't give her any justice. From here I would like to thank you Beverly, for such a cute little doll. It fitted in so well in the scene. xxx

I wanted to add something more being the private quarter's of an artist. Believe me this miniature has tested my patience big time. I actually gave up on it and dumped it in the paper bin only to be picked up again the next day. I refuse that a miniature gets the best of me. It's not perfect but it fitted in. So finally I had finished the tiny artist mannequin which I made using toothpicks. 

The tiny mannequin was added to a wall shelf which I painted. I have also added a couple of art accessories.

Below the same wall shelf  I added another finished painting and added a stool with an empty bird cage. 

Finally the last addition to the room was Mr. Rookie's writing desk. Another piece which I enjoyed building and making accessories for. It took me three days to finish but I love the end results. On the chair I have also made Mr. Rookies journal. 

On top of the desk there is a small wall shelf where I have placed one of my own hand painted miniatures. A tiny figurine of the Virgin Mary. I also added an Orchid pot and another bottle. 

I got to fix the ceiling and added the lights. I couldn't help not turning the lights on to see how the room looks. Here are some pictures of how the room looks so far. 

I hope you like what I have done so far. There is still more details that I would like to add to this room even if it is quite full. I'm still not fully happy with it. 

This is all for today. Keep tuned for the next update on this project.

Take Care and See You Soon


Rebecca xxxx

Sunday, 1 October 2017

More Works of Art for J.R. Art Gallery

Hello everyone,

How are you all? Hope you have enjoyed your weekend.  Autumn is here and I am already missing my Summer days. The weather is getting cooler and the days are shorter. The kids are settling in quite well into their school routine. My little Leah will start school on Wednesday and it's going to be hard not having any of the kids at home. 

Even with a busy life I am making good progress on J.R. Art Gallery. I am enjoying every minute of it. It holds a special place in my heart and it will be very hard to move onto a new project when it's done and ready.

J.R. Art Gallery
 I have been busy adding a few more paintings to the gallery. I have had a few frames that I got to paint myself that turned out really nice.

Just like the rest of the paintings, I have found some nice paintings that I like and printed them on canvas to give them a more realistic look. 

Some of the paintings I have moved them to other locations on the walls. It's something that I will keep on doing till the end of the project. Sometimes you realize that a simple accessory can make a difference in a different position or angle. 

Just a couple of weeks ago, once again, my dearest friend José Pereira Torrejón sent me another miniature painting that he painted on canvas. The beautiful detailed painting is called "The Cupola". 

The Cupola painted by José Pereira Torrejón
Another amazing and very special painting that I never tire to look at. I have placed the painting near the other two paintings; "The Hummingbird" and "The Secret Garden" and now the trilogy stand in the gallery together. 

José together with the painting also sent me the easel which he gave a little detail of his own. He smeared some paint which was used for the same painting on the easel. Through this he gave me an idea and so instead of framing the painting, I added a stool and  a paint pallet to give the impression that the artist had just finished the new beautiful painting. 

Once again a big "THANK YOU!" goes to my dearest José for such a lovely gift. I don't have words to show my gratitude for these masterpieces. It's a privilege that I have your paintings to adorn the gallery. xxx

Apart from the paintings, I have added a few more hand painted miniatures of my own. So far here a few busts that I will be adding to the gallery. I haven't found the right place for them yet as I would like them to be scattered around the room. 

The gallery is now looking fuller and there is still so much that I want to add. There will definitely be more paintings, more accessories to the counter and a few more details here and there.

Here is how the gallery looks so far.

This is all for today. I hope you like the new additions to the gallery. I am very pleased with the outcome and I am looking forward to add more. 

I have also been working on the private quarters of Mr. Rookie so keep tuned for the next update.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxxx

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The Artist's Private Quarters at J.R. Art Gallery

Hello everyone,

Almost another week has gone by. Hope you are all fine. It has been days since my last post but I have been very busy working mostly on the Gallery. It seems like I can't get my hands of it. I am enjoying every moment of it. I have also been busy like always with my everyday life and making miniatures for clients. As from tomorrow I'll start with the old routine. Matthias starts his last year at Junior School. Quite a tough year for him but I'm sure we will pull it through. The girls have another week to go. I will be missing the lad. It's always heartbreaking seeing them going back to school.

The Artist's Private Quarters
I couldn't help myself from not starting working on the top floor room which will be the artist's private quarters. Like always a one room suite that has to have everything. One of the most difficult rooms to design is by trying to fit an entire home in one room.  The good thing about this particular room is that it's quite spacious. 

I started off by paneling the floor strips. It takes a while to cut and measure but like I always say at the end, it's worth every minuite.

Once the floor was done. I used a needle tool to make tiny wholes at the end of each wood strip to give the impression that the wood planks are nailed down. After that I stained the floor in dark oak color. 

Before wall papering the walls, I had decided to add an out door wall light to the side of the wall which required to groove the inside wall for the wiring.

Once that was set. I started wallpapering the walls. I used a very simple wall paper in a light green and cream color.

I had a very clear picture of  how I wanted this room. Believe it or not the inspiration for this room came much before it had for the gallery. I knew exactly what pieces of furniture I wanted and where to put them.

The first piece of furniture that I started working on was the cast iron bed. I have painted the head and foot pieces and built it. I have made the mattress and started sewing the bedding for it. Nothing too flashy just in simple cream with a little lace.

I had to do the bed first as I wasn't sure on which side I wanted it and secondly I had to take measurements for a piece of furniture that I intended to built myself. As it is a one room that will be having pretty much the necessary things to live in, I had to give it some character. I have decided to make a built in wardrobe just next to the bed. 

It took me quite some time to built and decorate but at the end I was very pleased.

I have also made a couple of shelves for Mr/ J. Rookie's personal stuff. 

Just like the wardrobe I also wanted to built a fire surround for the small Victorian style Range. The tiny stove came as a kit which I have built and painted. Once that was done and ready I started taking measurements and built the fire surround.

I have printed another painting on canvas to put on the mantel piece wall and added a few of my own hand painted miniatures.

There is still a lot of work to do in this room. I have to add a few more furniture pieces. lights, wood trimmings and accessories. 

Here are a few pictures of the room with it's new details so far.

I am pretty sure that Mr. J. Rookie will enjoy his room eventually when he moves in. So this is all for now. I have been also working on the gallery and it's filling up nicely. Keep tuned for the next update on J.R. Art Gallery.

Take Care and See You Soon.


Rebecca xxx